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Barnes & Noble Dessin Cover for NOOK Color Digital Readers - Noir

  • Model: B511290303
Special financing available (subject to credit approval)
"NOOK COLOR" DESSIN COVER IN NOIR Protect your NOOKcolor digital reader from bumps and scratches while you're on the go with this cover that features glazed leather material with a perforated n logo for a stylish look and a 3-point clip mechanism for security
7.2(w) X 9.7(h) X 1.5(d)
Shipping Weight
2 lbs

The Dessin's secret is remarkably simple. Take a top-quality glazed leather, add a subtle but dramatic accent like the large perforated "n" logo, and -- voilà, a stunning case! Attention to detail and ease of use add to the Dessin's allure, with a faux suede lining in stone, a large slide pocket decorated with a silver-debossed "nook" logo, and a 3-point clip mechanism to hold your NOOK Color or Nook Tablet securely in place while allowing easy access to the ports and controls. A small recess has been engineered into the lining of the back panel to enhance the sound of the device's speaker.