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Bose® OE2 audio headphones (white)

  • Model: OE2W
  • 16.0' Single-Sided Cord
  • Head-Band
  • 40.0 mm Driver Diameter
16.0' Single-Sided Cord
Driver Diameter
40.0 mm Driver Diameter
Other Features
The next generation of Bose on-ear headphones. Advanced acoustic design brings out the depth and clarity of your music. Lighter, updated design features slim headband and memory foam ear cushions that reduce pressure points for hours of comfortable listening. Advanced design and durable materials ensure lasting quality Fold-flat, collapsible design allows easy storage in carrying case. White
Shipping Weight
1 lb
Warranty Terms - Parts
12 Months
Warranty Terms - Labor
12 Months

Lifelike audio and lightweight comfort. These on-ear headphones give you both, at home or on the move. Put them on and rediscover your favorite music with more nuances, deeper lows and clearer highs than you may have ever noticed. And the sleek, slim design looks great, too, in your choice of black or white.