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CodeAlarm FLCAN Car Alarm Accessory

  • Model: FLCAN
  • Immobilizer Bypass Module
Accessory Type
Immobilizer Bypass Module
Accessory Description
Multi Vehicle Can-Bus Adapter . This model only needed only certain vehicles, check fit chart.

Installing an alarm system used to involve tapping into a few wires, but modern vehicles use databus systems that carry a wide range of signals through a single cable. Instead of tying up your day with endless wire rerouting and relay installation, FlashLogic's FLCAN module provides an easier alternative to installing a security or keyless entry system in over 30 different vehicle brands and over 1700 vehicles in all.

This module connects to your vehicle's databus interface, enabling communication with any Code Alarm keyless entry or security system. This module also works with many other aftermarket alarm systems.