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D-Link HD Wireless Pan/Tilt Day & Night Cloud Network Camera

  • Model: DCS-5222L
  • 6.3 mm
  • 720P High Definition
  • 340degree
  • 26.2 ft.
  • 4x Digital Zoom
Lens Size
6.3 mm
Recording Resolution
720P High Definition
Field of View
Night Vision
26.2 ft.
Digital Zoom
4x Digital Zoom
Sound & Motion Sensing
Triggers an Email Alert When Activity is Detected
Wi-Fi Extender
Mounting Options
Plug and Play Wall Mountable
Indoor/Outdoor Use
Indoor Use Only
Pan & Tilt Capabilities
Pan & Tilt Remotely via Smartphone
Smartphone Viewing
Remote Viewing from Apple iPad/iPhone or Compatible Android
Additional Features
The D-Link DCS-5222L HD Wireless PTZ Cloud Network Camera is a cloud-enabled indoor surveillance camera designed to record HD videos in 720p. Featuring a 1/4 progressive CMOS sensor, this sophisticated device can capture high-resolution videos (1280 x 720) at 30 fps. Moreover, it can easily cover wide areas like shop floors or a complete room with its wide 340� pan angle.
Included Accessories
External Power Adapter CAT5 Ethernet Cable Remote Control Camera Base & Mounting Kit 1-Year Warranty
4.4(w) X 4.4(h) X 4.8(d)
Shipping Weight
3 lbs
Warranty Terms - Parts
12 Months
Warranty Terms - Labor
12 Months


Pan/Tilt HD Day & Night Network Camera


Keep an Eye on What Matters Most


View more, do more, protect more with the clarity and mobile control of D-Link’s Pan/Tilt HD Day & Night Network Camera (DCS-5222L). Download the free mydlink app and monitor your home or business – anywhere, anytime – on your smartphone or tablet. Experience confident clarity and total control with the DCS-5222L’s 720p HD recording and ultra-smooth pan/tilt and digital zoom functionality. Integrated motion-sensing and night-vision technology provide round-the-clock surveillance when you’re most vulnerable, and with easy installation you’ll have an effective, affordable home or business surveillance solution up and running in no time. Experience the peace of mind D-Link provides with DCS-5222L – because you have a lot to value.



D-Link’s free mydlink Lite mobile app provides remote monitoring from anywhere on your Smartphone or Tablet.




  • Pan & Tilt Functionality

    Cover wider areas of your home with a single camera
  • 720p HD Video Quality

    Rich detail and crisp image quality for your surveillance recordings
  • Motion Detection

    Enhanced email alerting based on motion sensing technology

  • Local Recording

    Ready to record using the built-in microSD card reader
  • Night Vision

    View up to 26 feet in complete darkness (B1 Revision only)
  • Remote Viewing

    View on iPhone®, iPad® or Android® with mydlink™ app or mydlink.com
  • Wireless N

    Wireless N for flexible placement
  • Two-Way Audio

    Built-in microphone and speaker allow two-way communication
  • Keep an Eye on What Matters Most

    The DCS-5222L provides the performance of a professional home or business surveillance solution at a fraction of the cost. Monitor and protect what matters most – anywhere, anytime – using the free mydlink web portal or mydlink Lite mobile app on your iPhone, iPad or Android device. Ultra-smooth pan/tilt and zoom functionality let you monitor with precision and confidence. Why wait for a costly technician to install your system? With DCS-5222L, installation is fast, easy, and flexible. Record in 720p at up to 30 frames per second for the kind of clarity your home or business demands. And with integrated night vision and motion-sensing technology, you’ll have the peace of mind of round the-clock surveillance. Whether you’re looking for a superior home surveillance solution or a versatile way to monitor your small business, DCS-5222L lets you see more of what matters.
  • Anywhere Access with mydlink™

    With the mydlink Lite app for iPhone and Android, you can quickly and easily see your camera feed from anywhere with a Wi-Fi, 3G or 4G connection. No more guessing what's going on at your house while you're away. Thanks to this app, you can monitor on-the-go... even if you don't have access to a computer.
    • Remotely monitor your network cameras from anywhere
    • Remote Pan & Tilt live video
    • Select video quality
    • No Monthly service fees
    • 2-way audio
    • Pinch-zoom

    Sharp Image Monitoring from Different Angles

    With sharp, responsive pan/tilt movement and digital zoom, the DCS-5222L gives you full control, so you can quickly scan a wide area from a variety of angles, and 4x digital zoom lets you zoom in for more detail.
  • Instant E-mail Alerts and Auto-Recording

    Built with motion sensing technology, the DCS-5222L is capable of triggering instant e-mail alerts and auto-recording based on changes within your camera’s environment. The intuitive mydlink interface allows you to quickly customize your camera’s settings, so you can have full control of how and when you want to be alerted. Easily setup watch-zones to be instantly notified when your camera detects strange activity.
  • Night Vision Technology

    The DCS-5222L provides around-the-clock surveillance with night vision capability, allowing you to see up to 26 feet in complete darkness (B1 Revision only). Whether you're using your camera for home surveillance or to keep an eye on your loved ones, the DCS-5222L gives you the peace of mind you deserve.

Product Tour

{"tourViews":[{"hotspots":[{"hotspotY":0.5321428571428571,"captionFromAttr":"Pan & Tilt Functionality","direction":"left","description":"Cover wider areas of your home with a single camera","hotspotX":0.11304347826086956},{"hotspotY":0.2785714285714286,"captionFromAttr":"720 HD Video Quality","direction":"left","description":"Rich detail and crisp image quality for your surveillance recordings","hotspotX":0.34347826086956523},{"hotspotY":0.11071428571428571,"captionFromAttr":"Motion Detection","direction":"left","description":"Detects changes within the camera&apos;s environment, triggering instant e-mail alerts and auto-recording","hotspotX":0.5260869565217391},{"hotspotY":0.475,"captionFromAttr":"Night Vision","direction":"left","description":"View up to 26 feet in complete darkness","hotspotX":0.5173913043478261},{"hotspotY":0.7149122807017544,"captionFromAttr":"Remote Viewing","direction":"left","description":"Monitor your home or office from anywhere with your iPhone, iPad and Android devices","hotspotX":0.625}],"viewImage":{"editorOriginalName":"DCS-5222L_B1_Image H(Front).tif","sources":[{"width":960,"height":1169,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/8fca2284-0205-4536-83c5-513af5f6e037.tif.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":480,"height":584,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/8fca2284-0205-4536-83c5-513af5f6e037.tif.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"width":240,"height":292,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/8fca2284-0205-4536-83c5-513af5f6e037.tif.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}],"runtimeSrc":{"width":1358,"height":1655,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/8fca2284-0205-4536-83c5-513af5f6e037.tif.web.v1.1358.jpg"},"src":{"width":1358,"height":1655,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/8fca2284-0205-4536-83c5-513af5f6e037.tif"}}},{"hotspots":[{"hotspotY":0.6111111111111112,"captionFromAttr":"Local Recording","direction":"left","description":"Built-in microSD card slot allows you to record video footage directly to your camera","hotspotX":0.22916666666666666},{"hotspotY":0.75,"captionFromAttr":"Wired Connectivity","direction":"right","description":"<p>Connect your camera with blazing-fast wired connectivity<\/p>","hotspotX":0.5916666666666667},{"hotspotY":0.40476190476190477,"captionFromAttr":"Simple Setup","direction":"right","description":"Install your camera in minutes","hotspotX":0.7416666666666667}],"viewImage":{"editorOriginalName":"DCS-5222L_B1_Image H(Back).tif","sources":[{"width":960,"height":1007,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/5cf5d188-e8e9-4166-a32e-09c61911f096.tif.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":480,"height":503,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/5cf5d188-e8e9-4166-a32e-09c61911f096.tif.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"width":240,"height":251,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/5cf5d188-e8e9-4166-a32e-09c61911f096.tif.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}],"runtimeSrc":{"width":1464,"height":1536,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/5cf5d188-e8e9-4166-a32e-09c61911f096.tif.web.v1.1464.jpg"},"src":{"width":1464,"height":1536,"src":"/_cp/products/1339941707920/tab-ab6bde20-5194-4d58-a0fa-d51dd999f061/5cf5d188-e8e9-4166-a32e-09c61911f096.tif"}}}]}
  1. Pan & Tilt Functionality
  2. 720 HD Video Quality
  3. Motion Detection
  4. Night Vision
  5. Remote Viewing
  6. Local Recording
  7. Wired Connectivity
  8. Simple Setup

Pan & Tilt Functionality

Cover wider areas of your home with a single camera

720 HD Video Quality

Rich detail and crisp image quality for your surveillance recordings

Motion Detection

Detects changes within the camera's environment, triggering instant e-mail alerts and auto-recording

Night Vision

View up to 26 feet in complete darkness

Remote Viewing

Monitor your home or office from anywhere with your iPhone, iPad and Android devices

Local Recording

Built-in microSD card slot allows you to record video footage directly to your camera

Wired Connectivity

Connect your camera with blazing-fast wired connectivity

Simple Setup

Install your camera in minutes
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Cloud Camera Comparison

Pets & Animals
Home Monitoring & Surveillance
Small Business & Advanced Home Surveillance
Day/Night Day/Night Day/Night
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor Indoor
Advanced Features
Wireless Extender
Sound Detection
Motion Detection
Night Vision
Local Recording
Resolution HD 720p - 1280 x 800 VGA - 640 x 480
Lens 4.57mm F1.9 Fixed Iris 2.2mm F2.0 Fixed Iris
Sensor 1/4" CMOS
Horizontal Field of View (degrees) 45.7 66.2
Digital Zoom 4x 4x
LUX Rating 1.0 Lux at F1.9 (Color)
0 Lux (IR LED)
Video Compression H.264
Audio Support 2-Way Built-in Mic Speaker out 1-Way Built-in Mic




Camera Specifications• 1/4” Megapixel Progressive CMOS sensor
• 5 meter IR illumination distance
• Minimum illumination 0 Lux with IR LED on
• Built-in Infrared-Cut Removable (ICR) Filter module
• Built-in Passive Infra-Red (PIR)
• Fixed length 4.57 mm
• Aperture F1.9
• Field of view:
• (H) 45.7°
• (V) 29.5°
• (D) 52.9°

• Built-in Microphone/Speaker 4

Video Features


• Configurable image size, quality, frame rate, and bit rate
• Time stamp and text overlays
• Configurable motion detection windows
• Configurable shutter speed, brightness, saturation, contrast, mirror, flip
• Three configurable privacy mask zones

Video Compression

• JPEG for still images
• H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG format simultaneous compression
• H.264/MPEG4 multicast streaming
Resolutions• 16:9 (support frame rate up to 30 fps)- 1280 x 720, 640 x 352, 320 x 176, 160 x 80


• Pan Range: -170° to 170°
• Tilt Range: -25° to 90°
• Digital Zoom: 4x1
• Manual pan speed: 1-10
• Manual tilt speed: 1-10
• Pre-set setting: 10 points
Audio Compression• ADPCM, PCM
Network Protocol Support• Pv4, ARP, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DHCP Client, NTP Client (D-Link), DNS Client, DDNS Client (D-Link), SMTP Client, FTP Client, HTTP Server, PPPoE, RTP, RTSP, RTCP, 3GPP
Remote Management• Configuration accessible via web browser
• Take snapshots/video clips and save to local hard drive via web browser

Remote Viewing Mobile Apps

• mydlink Lite - view and control mydlink cameras
• mydlink+ - tablet app witih multi-camera view
• Administrator and user group protected
• Password authentication
• HTTP and RTSP digest encryption



• Record video continuously
• Record video according to a weekly schedule
• Record video when motion is detected
• Upload snapshots/video clips via e-mail
• Upload snapshots/video clips via FTP

Power Input

• 12 V/1.25 A, 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption

• 10.5 watts maximum
Network Interface• IEEE 802.11n
• 10/100 Ethernet
Dimensions (L x W x H)• 4.46 x 4.46 x 4.92 inches (114 x 114 x 125 mm)
Weight• 1.19 lb (540 grams)
Operation Temperature
  • 32 to 104 ºF (0 to 40 ºC)
Storage Temperature
• -4 to 158 ºF (-20 to 70 ºC)


• 20% to 80% non-condensing
Certifications• FCC Class B
• CE
• C-Tick

1 4x digital zoom enlarges an image by magnifying the pixels in a selected portion of the image by 4 times.
The mobile device must have a mobile or WiFi data connection. Non-iOS/Android playback devices must be equipped with 3G video playback software such as RealPlayer™ or PacketVideo™.
microSD and SIM not included.
Zero Configuration requires a mydlink-enabled Cloud Router
4 Use of audio or video equipment for recording the image or voice of a person without his/her knowledge is prohibited in certain countries or jurisdictions.  The end-user assumes all liability for
   compliance with applicable state, local and federal laws.

Wi-Fi- Camera Videos

mydlink Videos

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