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Duracell Powermat iPhone® 4/4S Wireless Case - Red

  • Model: RCA4R1
Charger Type
Wireless Induction Charger
Accessory Description
iPhone 4/4S Wireless Case Red Protective case enables drop and charge power. The includes 1 wireless case for iPhone 4/4S, 1 USB cable, and a owners manual.
Shipping Weight
1 lbs
Warranty Terms - Parts
12 Months
Warranty Terms - Labor
12 Months

NEVER BE POWERLESS. The Duracell Powermat Wireless Case for iPhone® 4/4S enables wireless charging on any Powermat or charging surface. To get started, simply slide your iPhone® 4/4S into the Wireless Case. Place iPhone® (enabled with a Wireless Case) on any Powermat to begin charging wirelessly. Are you new to Duracell Powermat? Get with the system. Our 24-Hour Power System has everything you need to get started: Powermat for 2 Devices, Wireless Case for iPhone® 4/4S, and a Portable Backup Battery.