Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides

Special Order Item - Allow 2-3 Weeks For Delivery


  • 36.0(w) X 68.1(h) X 30.5(d)


  • Luxury-Glide Chill Zone™ Drawer

    Chilled air is vented directly into this Luxury-Glide® Drawer to keep the contents extra cold.
  • Luxury-Glide® Dual Humidity-Controlled Crisper Drawer

    Dual-Humidity Controlled crisper drawers keep fruits & vegetables fresher and extend effortlessly. It's divider and dual controls provide the option to simulatenously store fruits and vegatables at their ideal humidity levels.
  • Sliding SpillSafe® Glass Shelves

    {"runtimePoster":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":576,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.poster.jpg.web.jpg"},"src":{"height":576,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.poster.jpg"},"sources":[{"height":540,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.poster.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":270,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.poster.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":135,"width":240,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.poster.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]},"duration":14.233333,"assetWrapper":"rich-features","caption":"Sliding SpillSafe® Glass Shelves","isAdaCompliant":false,"src":{"height":576,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4"},"sources":[{"height":540,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH"},{"height":540,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.mp4full.mp4","profile":"MP4FULL"},{"height":270,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.mobile.mp4","profile":"MOBILE"},{"height":102,"width":180,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/common/76/211i-spillsafeglassshelves.mp4.blkbry.mp4","profile":"BLKBRY"}]}
    Sliding SpillSafe® Glass Shelves
    Slide-out for easy access and are designed to keep spills contained, making them easy to clean.
  • Luxury-Design® Lighting

    {"runtimePoster":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.poster.jpg.web.jpg"},"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.poster.jpg"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.poster.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":249,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.poster.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":124,"width":240,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.poster.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]},"duration":14.966667,"assetWrapper":"rich-features","caption":"Luxury-Design® Lighting","isAdaCompliant":false,"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH"},{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.mp4full.mp4","profile":"MP4FULL"},{"height":250,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.mobile.mp4","profile":"MOBILE"},{"height":94,"width":180,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/195d-luxurylighting.mp4.blkbry.mp4","profile":"BLKBRY"}]}
    Luxury-Design® Lighting
    Our ramp up designer LED lighting is as beautiful as it is functional.
  • More Counter-Depth Storage

    {"runtimePoster":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.poster.jpg.web.jpg"},"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.poster.jpg"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.poster.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":249,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.poster.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":124,"width":240,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.poster.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]},"duration":16.2,"assetWrapper":"rich-features","caption":"More Counter-Depth Storage","isAdaCompliant":false,"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH"},{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.mp4full.mp4","profile":"MP4FULL"},{"height":250,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.mobile.mp4","profile":"MOBILE"},{"height":94,"width":180,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196b-morec-depthstorage.mp4.blkbry.mp4","profile":"BLKBRY"}]}
    More Counter-Depth Storage
    Our counter-depth refrigerator offers the same shelf space as a standard-depth refrigerator.
  • Platinum Star® Limited Warranty

    Our exclusive limited warranty that includes 3-year coverage on parts and one year on labor.1
  • IQ-Touch™ Controls

    For those who like to have their options always visible on their refrigerator, the IQ-Touch™ control panel displays all of your options, at all times.
  • 9"-Tall Water/Ice Dispenser

    {"runtimePoster":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.poster.jpg.web.jpg"},"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.poster.jpg"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.poster.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":249,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.poster.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":124,"width":240,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.poster.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]},"duration":18.033333,"assetWrapper":"rich-features","caption":"9\"-Tall Water/Ice Dispenser","isAdaCompliant":false,"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH"},{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.mp4full.mp4","profile":"MP4FULL"},{"height":250,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.mobile.mp4","profile":"MOBILE"},{"height":94,"width":180,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/162/196h-9inchdispenser.mp4.blkbry.mp4","profile":"BLKBRY"}]}
    9"-Tall Water/Ice Dispenser
    Our tall water and ice dispenser is specially designed to accommodate a variety of large containers, from a 16-ounce tumbler to a pitcher or a coffee carafe.
  • Fast Freeze™

    Freezes food faster to lock in freshness.
  • Fast Ice™

    Makes ice up to 50% faster.
  • Frost-Free Design

    The freezer defrosts itself so you don't have to.
  • Automatic Ice Maker

    Ensures you'll always have extra ice on hand.
  • Stylish Exterior

    Signature Electrolux style: soft-arc door, stainless steel and blue LED displays.
  • Enhanced Lighting

    Bright lighting makes finding food easy.
  • PureAdvantage® Air Filter

    {"runtimePoster":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg.web.jpg"},"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":249,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":124,"width":240,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]},"duration":16.866667,"assetWrapper":"rich-features","caption":"PureAdvantage® Air Filter","isAdaCompliant":false,"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH"},{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.mp4full.mp4","profile":"MP4FULL"},{"height":250,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.mobile.mp4","profile":"MOBILE"},{"height":94,"width":180,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.blkbry.mp4","profile":"BLKBRY"}]}
    PureAdvantage® Air Filter
    Keeps clean, filtered air circulated throughout to prevent odor transfer.
  • PureAdvantage® Water Filter

    {"runtimePoster":{"runtimeSrc":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg.web.jpg"},"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"height":249,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"height":124,"width":240,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.poster.jpg.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}]},"duration":16.866667,"assetWrapper":"rich-features","caption":"PureAdvantage® Water Filter","isAdaCompliant":false,"src":{"height":532,"width":1024,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4"},"sources":[{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.flash.flv","profile":"FLASH"},{"height":498,"width":960,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.mp4full.mp4","profile":"MP4FULL"},{"height":250,"width":480,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.mobile.mp4","profile":"MOBILE"},{"height":94,"width":180,"src":"/media.electrolux.com/assets/medias/videos/158/196g-pureadvantagefilter.mp4.blkbry.mp4","profile":"BLKBRY"}]}
    PureAdvantage® Water Filter
    Ensures fresh, clean water and ice at your fingertips.
  • Digital Exterior Control Center

    Lockable display shows vital functions, including temperature. Choose from Fahrenheit or Celsius display.
  • Perfect Set® Temperature Controls

    Allow you to adjust the refrigerator and freezer temperatures independently.
  • Energy-Saving Vacation Mode

  • Refrigerator Alarm System

    Notifies you if there's been a power failure, if a door stays open longer than five minutes and if the interior temperature of the freezer rises above 56 degrees for more than 60 minutes.
  • Exceptionally Quiet Operation

  • Maintenance-Free, No-Clean Condenser

  • ADA Compliant*

    Complies with the ADA requirements as specified in the Americans with Disabilities Act.

    *When properly installed, meets the appliance standards in the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines as published by the United States Access Board on June 23, 2004, as amended August 5, 2005.

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  1. 1 Eligibility based on product registration with Electrolux North America within 60 days of purchase. Products must have been purchased on or after July 1, 2013. Coverage includes material parts for 3 years and labor for 1 year.
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Freezer Shelf Area (Sq. Ft.)
Fresh Food Capacity (Cu. Ft.)
Fresh Food Shelf Area (Sq. Ft.)
Capacity (Cu. Ft.)
Total Shelf Area (Sq. Ft.)
CSA Certified
ENERGY STAR (R) Certified
Sabbath Mode (Star-K (R) Certifie
Air Filter Indicator / Reset
Water Filter Indicator / Reset
Control Location
Crushed Ice
Cube Ice
Dispenser Height
Dispenser Light Control
Perfect Set (R) Temperature Control System and Dis
Cut-Out Height
Cut-Out Width
Cut-Out Depth
Depth (with Door 90(degree) Open)
Height to Top of Door
Width between Door Edges
Connected Load (kW Rating) @ 120V
Power Supply Connection Location
Right Rear Bottom
Minimum Circuit Required (Amps)
Voltage Rating
120V 60Hz
Cabinet Color
Door Finish
Stainless Steel
Door Hinge Covers
Fixed Door Bins
4 Clear
Luxury-Design (R) Ramp-Up Multilevel
Ice Cream Shelf
Pizza Shelf
Condenser Type
Water Inlet Location
Left Rear Bottom
Vacation Mode
Shipping Weight (lbs)
Product Weight (lbs)
Ice Maker
Air Filter Location
Rear Right
Air Filter
PureAdvantage (R)
Door Ajar Alert
Temperature Alert
Power Failure Alert
Luxury-Glide (R) Humidity-Controlled Lower Crispe
Luxury-Glide (R) Dual Humidity-Controlled Upper C
2-Liter Adjustable Door Bins
2 Clear
In-Door Can Rack
Yes Clear
Condiment Bin
1 Clear
1-Gallon Removable Door Bins
1 Clear
Chill Zone(TM) Drawer
Luxury-Design (R) Ramp-Up Multilevel Lighting
Sliding Shelves
3 SpillSafe (R)
Water Filter Location
Rear Right
Water Filter
PureAdvantage (R)


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Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides

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By zale2005

from Newburyport, MA, United States

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

We have had this for over a month and we love the space it has


Almost scared me off..

By pokey

from Wisconsin, United States

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

This Refrigerator is fine. I wanted to start out that way because of all the negative reviews I found on this model. I don't doubt people who posted had problems but 2 years ago? Designs change and happy people usually don't write reviews. I've very happy with my purchase of this appliance and to be known I'm a perfectionist, someone who is hard to make happy. The only issue I've had is with a door hinge "clicking" when opening closing. I sprayed a little cooking oil on it and from use it has corrected itself. I would not hesitate to buy another Electrolux appliance.


Poor quality

By lexingtonperson

from Lexington-Fayette, KY, United States

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

We bought our refrigerator in 2008, model # EI23CS55GS1 .Ice maker stopped working soon afterwards . In spite of at least two visits for repair , could not be fixed and had to be shut off. Next came the plastic parts, especially the tracks for the bin , which broke. Final straw was the thermostat and interface panel- both stopped working . This is or should I say was an expensive refrigerator with scant attention to the quality of its most important parts and functions.This is the first review of its kind I am writing , so one can imagine my disappointment with the product.Our previous refrigerator lasted over 20 years.


The noise is HORRIBLE

By Joann

from Undisclosed

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

This refrigerator makes the most horrible  loud noise.  Nobody can stand to be in my kitchen. It roars constantly. It is quiet for less than 10 minutes a day.


Comments about my Electrolux Refrigerator

By Tim

from Undisclosed

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

Overall, we do like our refrigerator.   The ice maker dispenser went out at 3 months otherwise the refrigerator is working good.   We use a lot of ice.  Wish it made more ice.


The Smart Refrigerator

By Gary

from Undisclosed

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

I recently purchased the Electrolux and it's "Awesome!"     Aside from the crisper door needing repair the refrigerator is perfect.  The convenience of the ice/water dispenser is like living in luxury, no need to hassle with ice cube trays, the shelves slide out and everything is easily accessible, "how genius,"  not to mention the controlled temperature within certain parts of the frig.  It's perfection in the kitchen, absolute, awesome, perfection!


Pleased, but..

By Melissa

from Undisclosed

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

Happy with counterdepth side by side except the ice dispenser had to be replaced after 3 mos of use. There was a technician bulletin for the electronic control panel. Also there was an led light in the fridge that never worked since setup, only to find there is a short in that wiring the technician told us can't be fixed.  Haven't spoke to Electrolux on this yet.  I do really like the fridge, just wish the bugs were worked out.  Early on, I did have opportunity to speak with associate from Electrolux, their customer service was excellant.


this fridge won me over

By Lisa

from Undisclosed

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

Well, I was in the market for a refrigerator that would work in my galley-style kitchen. After remodeling, I realized that the current fridge I had was too deep and stuck far out beyond the cabinets. After looking for several months at super expensive units that would fit in the space the way I wanted, and learning that there are multiple variations of "counter-depth" I found this refrigerator. It was an open-box unit, but not used. I loved the way it looked and the measurements were right so I scooped it up. After getting it home I was reading up on the model and saw a lot of complaints about the ice-maker. I was worried, and I felt it was somewhat my fault for not reading up on it before purchase, but I also thought "what are the odds?" Also, it seemed to be with units older than mine. Well, sure enough, ONE day after my return period from the store expired the ice maker stopped working!! Ugh. I tried all the trouble-shooting techniques to no avail, so I called someone out to service it (under warranty). They ended up replacing the unit and it's worked ever since. (About 3 months). Not only does the ice maker work, but it sometimes shoots out too much ice so you have to watch it! The water tastes great. The settings and space work exactly as I expected and it looks awesome in my kitchen! I was a bit intimidated by the many settings and controls, but so far, so good. So, I would recommend the unit to others looking for a decently-priced stylish and modern looking fridge--even with the ice issue I mentioned.


No maintenance fridge

By Ice anyone?

from Undisclosed

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

Our previous refrigerator had constant ice maker problems and the freezer drawer felt like it was never closed all the way and I felt like food got lost in there. With this frig we haven't had any problems. I can actually see what's in the freezer and we never run out of ice. Would like more bins on the door on the refrigerator side towards the bottom even if it meant that the drawers were cut back - otherwise it is designed wonderfully for a counter depth.


Horrible design

By Cakesalot

from Undisclosed

Comments about Electrolux 22.16 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator - Stainless Steel w/Gray Sides:

Many problems with cheap plastic clips that hold drawers onto sliding rails. Every time the drawer is closed the clip detaches and the drawer comes off the track. Very cumbersome to remove the drawers for cleaning. They took a simple design and over-complicated it and made frustrating to operate. Also..it is ridiculous that a 1/3 of the refrigerator door is dedicated to soda can storage. This unit has very little useable storage and to devote that much space to soda cans is outrageous. Use ice in your soda and give me some useable storage space. Who designed this thing?

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