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FoodSaver® 11" Heat-Seal Rolls - 2 Pack

  • Model: FSFSBF0626
  • Heat-Seal Roll
  • 11.0" Wide Rolls
  • 2 Rolls
Type of Package
Heat-Seal Roll
11.0" Wide Rolls
Quantity In Box
2 Rolls
Shipping Weight
2 lbs

The FoodSaver FSFSBF0626 Heat Seal Rolls are the perfect way to protect food. These FoodSaver 11-inch rolls can be customized to suit food items of different sizes and offers ideal storage options for larger items. With a multi-ply construction, the food storage rolls lock moisture in and can be used to retain freshness of food even in a refrigerator or freezer. The FoodSaver heat seal rolls are microwave and stovetop safe and compatible for use with FoodSaver Vacuum sealer.