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Fuhu Nabi 2 KINABI Alphabet Letter Pack

  • Nabi 2
  • Alphabet Letter Pack
Tablet Type
Nabi 2
Type of Accessory
Alphabet Letter Pack
10.3(w) X 7.8(h) X .6(d)
Shipping Weight
1 lbs

KINABIs Letter Pack Personalize your nabi with KINABIs Letter Pack. Spell out your child's name or basic words with the 26 included letters of the alphabet. PERSONALIZE YOUR NABI 2 Made specifically for the nabi 2 grid, KINABI letters are a fun and easy way to customize your nabi 2. The possibilities are endless. Made of food-grade silicone, your child can write their name, nickname, favorite characters name and make the nabi 2 theirs! With a colorful range of letters and all the possible combinations, it's just a matter of imagination.