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Green Mountain Naturals Hot Apple Cider 18 Count K-Cups

  • Model: 110315
  • 18 K-Cups
  • K-Cup
Special financing available (subject to credit approval)
18 K-Cups
Pod Type
Hot Apple Cider
Shipping Weight
1 lb

K-CUP® SPECIALTY. Hot Apple Cider from Green Mountain Naturals® squeezes the fresh-picked goodness of sweet orchard apples into convenient K-Cup® packs. All you do is pop them into your Keurig® brewer. Within seconds, you get a warm, comforting mug of cider with a hint of brown sugar and a touch of cinnamon flavor. It's that easy. Now check out the ingredient list. No artificial flavors or preservatives. Nothing unpronounceable. Just a new way to enjoy an old favorite, and a crisp, clean flavor your whole family will LOVE.