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Kicker DX 400 Watt Car Amplifier

  • Model: DX4004
  • 400 Watts Total Power Output
  • 4 Channels
  • 50 Watts x 4 Channels @ 0.02 Pct THD into 4 Ohms
  • 200 Watts x 2 Channels @ 0.01 Pct THD into 2 Ohms
  • Built-In Adjustable Crossover
Special financing available (subject to credit approval)
Total Power Output
400 Watts Total Power Output
Number of Channels
4 Channels
Power Output into 4 Ohms
50 Watts x 4 Channels @ 0.02 Pct THD into 4 Ohms
Other Power Output
200 Watts x 2 Channels @ 0.01 Pct THD into 2 Ohms
Built-In Adjustable Crossover
Built-In Adjustable Crossover
MOS-FET Power Supply
Thermal Overload Protection
Speaker Level Input
Shipping Weight
8 lbs

DX-Series Amplifiers provide reliable, relentless power by using trusted KICKER knowledge and upgraded components for enhancing audio in a high-performance, multimedia system. Three new DX Amps add to the extensive lineup of power choices that always exceeds rated power, as documented inside the carton.

All KICKER DX Amplifiers now feature FIT™, or Fail-Safe Integration Technology. Alternators, computers and A/V entertainment result in additional noise pulsing through today's vehicles. FIT utilizes isolated differential inputs, rejecting noise and electrical interference for the quietest operation possible and ultimate audio clarity. FIT also allows KICKER amps to accept output from nearly any factory or aftermarket head unit. FIT comes standard on ALL KICKER DX Amplifiers.

A trio of DX.1 Mono-Channel Subwoofer Amplifiers supplies all the necessary features expected from high-power, monoblock amplifiers that pulverize subwoofers, including a new-for-2011, 250-watt model. Other DX Sub Amps (both high-efficiency Class D) are rated at 1,000 watts or 500 watts (2 Ohms at 14.4V), offering an 18dB/octave low-pass electronic crossover variable from 50 to 200 hertz. It also includes an 18dB/octave, high-pass subsonic filter variable from 10 to 30 hertz. They provide up to +12dB of bass boost centered at 40 hertz, and include the convenient, mountable ZXRC remote for bass control from the dash. The DX250.1 is remote capable with the ZXRC sold separately.

A muting circuit cancels out additional noise that may surge down the line, so listeners enjoy the cleanest, clearest sound possible. Additionally, a choice of three automatic turn-on modes (remote, DC offset, signal sense) provides ultimate flexibility.

Two new DX-Series Multi-Channel Amplifiers give the listener multiple channels for a choice of installation configurations, including one 5-channel hybrid with a 300-watt sub section. They rate from 50 watts x 4 channels (2 Ohms at 14.4V) up to 100 watts x 4, with internal electronic crossovers and KICKEQ™ Bass Boost for precision tuning. The existing DX200.4 steps up with the newest features as well.

Two DX.2 Stereo Amplifiers offer the same outstanding features, only the smallest one has bumped up to 60 watts/channel (2 Ohms, 14.4V).

While KICKER amps are always covered by a two-year factory warranty, KICKER will provide an additional one-year extended warranty with the purchase of any KICKER installation kit at the time of the amplifier purchase. Consumers should contact any Authorized KICKER Dealer or log onto www.kicker.com for more information.

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