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Marvel 15" Crescent Ice Maker

  • Model: 25IMBSFL
  • Standalone Ice Maker
Standalone Ice Maker
15" wide Cresent ice maker, produces up to 15 Lbs.of ice per day,stores 20 Lbs.,Manual defrost,Half moon style ice cubes,self-closing door, NO DRAIN UNIT IS REFRIGERATED, Full wrap door and Bar handle, FACTORY SS INCLUDING SS BAR HANDLE AND BLACK CABINET, LEFT HAND DOOR NOT REVERSIBLE,
14.8(w) X 34.0(h) X 22.1(d)
Shipping Weight
100 lbs
Warranty Terms - Parts
12 Months
Warranty Terms - Labor
12 Months

The Marvel 15" Indoor Undercounter Crescent Ice model produces up to 12 lbs. and stores up to 15 lbs. of crescent cubes per day. It's equipped with a removable ice bucket, and no drain is required. Attractive and durable black finish cabinet is perfect for both free-standing or built-in use.

User Manual