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Miele AirClean GN Vacuum Bag (4 Pack)

  • Model: 07805110
  • Vacuum Bag
Accessory Type
Vacuum Bag
Accessory Description
G/N AirClean DustBag; 4 Pack Type G/N Dustbags + 1 Microfilter + 1 Pre-motor Filter. Bag for S2121, S2121OLYMPUS, S8390 Kona, S8990 Uniq
6.5(w) X 9.0(h) X 3.7(d)
Shipping Weight
1 lb

Miele has improved the technology of their GN style dustbag and it's important you know that you can purchase these new, improved dustbags to replace the previous Miele GN HyClean and GN IntensiveClean bags. The vacuum bag is an important part of the vacuum's filtration system and thanks to the new innovative, automatic dustbag collar, dust cannot escape past the collar so you’re not exposed to tiny, lung-damaging dust and allergens. The newer bags have been improved to make them even less likely to tear or be perforated by any object that enters the bag. Compared to the older type bags, the new Miele AirClean GN bags boast that the suction loss from an increased bag capacity has been reduced 33%. Improved filtration, extended bag life and improvements to suction power are reasons you should always use Miele AirClean GN bags instead of Miele HyClean GN or Miele IntensiveClean GN bags. Order your Miele GN bags today.