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Ninja Gaiden 3:Razor's Edge for Wii U

  • Model: 045496902964
  • Nintendo Wii U
  • Rated M (Mature 17+)
  • Fighting
Game System
Nintendo Wii U
Parental Rating
Rated M (Mature 17+)
Ninja Gaiden 3:Razor's Edge
5.3(w) X 7.5(h) X .5(d)
Shipping Weight
1 lb

The solidary Ninja, Ryu Hayabusa, must find a way to lift the deadly curse on his right arm before it destroys him… NINJA GAIDEN 3 has been reworked to bring to Wii U the truly intense, high-speed challenge and action NINJA GAIDEN fans demand. With more weapon and Ninpo types, a new character progression system, a redesigned battle system and the return of dismemberment, NINJA GAIDEN 3: Razor’s Edge improves upon the original NINJA GAIDEN 3 in every way and offers Wii U exclusive features and functionalities.

Key Game Features:
  • Hone your Dragon Sword-slashing technique with more fluidity with the touch screen of the Wii U GamePad controller to select weapons, execute Ninpo and much more in a reconfiguration of Ninja Gaiden 3 made for Wii U (Wii U not included)
  • Discover deeper dimension and unveil hidden truths about the man behind the mask with the new character progression system as the legendary Ryu Hayabusa becomes more human than ever before
  • Experience a redesigned battle system, six weapon types and three Ninpo types that enable greater gameplay variation and deeper strategy
  • Execute precise swordsmanship, dodge attacks and vanquish your enemies in intensified close-combat fights to earn Karma points to upgrade weapons and Ninpo and increase the character HP level
  • Feel what it's like to slice through an enemy's flesh and bone with the return of dismemberment