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Otter Box Defender Series Case for iPad® Air - Black

  • Model: 77-27379
  • iPad Air
  • Case
Tablet Type
iPad Air
Type of Accessory

The latest, greatest iPad® Air is a wonder of function and sleek beauty. Ensure you keep this incredible device safe from the bumps and scrapes of life with the rugged Defender Series iPad® Air and iPad® 5 case. The Defender Series case for iPad® Air and iPad® 5 is the latest, greatest case from OtterBox that delivers trusted protection for your prized possession. The internal polycarbonate shell snaps together to completely cover the iPad® Air. The durable synthetic rubber slip cover wraps around the internal shell to absorb and deflect impact force away from the device inside. The clear membrane screen protector is built into the internal shell to guard against scratches and scrapes, but doesn’t take away from the brilliant display of the touch screen. Confidently take your iPad® Air with you everywhere encased in trusted OtterBox protection from the Defender Series iPad® air and iPad® 5 case.