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Pioneer AppRadio Mode HDMI Interface Cable Kit for iPhone5

  • Model: CD-IH202
  • iPod Adapter
Accessory Type
iPod Adapter
Accessory Description
AppRadio Mode HDMI Interface Cable Kit for iPhone 5/6 * *Requires Apple Lightning Digital AV Adapter and Apple Lighting to USB Cable: MD826ZM/A & MD818ZM/A
Shipping Weight
2 lbs

The CD-IH202 cable kit is an “all digital” connection designed for use with AppRadio Mode compatible Pioneer receivers that have an HDMI input. The kit includes a 2-meter automotive grade HDMI cable, which handles all audio and video transfer between the Pioneer products and an iPhone® 5, a 1.5-meter 17-pin to USB cable for charging, and spiral cord wrapper to keep the cords neatly organized.

When used with a compatible Pioneer in-dash receiver and an appropriate Apple Lightning adapter accessory, the CD-IH202 cable kit enables iPhone® 5 users to access and control select iPhone® 5 apps via AppRadio Mode (formerly known as Advanced App Mode) as well as play and control music and videos stored on the iPhone® 5...all on the receiver's touchscreen display.

User Manual