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SodaStream Soda Mix - Kool-Aid Tropical Punch

  • Model: 811369004864
Shipping Weight
1 lbs

One of America’s most iconic beverages joins the SodaStream flavor Lineup. SodaStream users can now enjoy the family favorite taste of Kool-Aid® in sparkling new fashion.

SodaMix flavors are all available in economy sized bottles. Each bottle makes 12 liters (about 33 cans) of soda.

When ordering Sodamix, we recommend ordering an amount that you will comfortably consume within 3-4 months.

Sodamix bottles feature a "best before" date which relates to optimal taste. Rest assured that Sodamix can safely be consumed well beyond this “best before” date, however peak taste is ensured by consuming prior to this date. Sodamix will typically arrive at your home with about 3-4 months remaining prior to the “best before” date, therefore please order no more than a 3-4 month supply of Sodamix.

For longest shelf life, please keep tightly closed and store in a cool, dry place.