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Stadler Form Jerry Ultrasonic Travel Humidifier - White

  • Model: EMS-200
  • Ultrasonic
  • Designed for Small Size Rooms
  • 0.5 Gallons per 24 Hour Period
  • 0.5 Gallon Water Capacity
  • 12 Hours Run Time
Mist Type
Room Size
Designed for Small Size Rooms
Moisture Output
0.5 Gallons per 24 Hour Period
Water Capacity
0.5 Gallon Water Capacity
Run Time
12 Hours Run Time
Single Speed
Built-in Water Filter
Removable Tank
Shipping Weight
1 lb
Warranty Terms - Parts
3 Months
Warranty Terms - Labor
3 Months

This is the world's smallest Travel Humidifier. At only 0.4 lbs Jerry is very light weight and an ideal companion for travel, keeping your dry hotel room at a pleasant and healthy humidity. Jerry can also be used wherever you need a small but still powerful personnel humidifier: in your office, kid's room or any other small space. Just add your own water bottle, plug the unit in and enjoy clean, moist air. Jerry includes a transcontinental AC adapter and exchangeable plugs which allows Jerry to be used throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Fits most standard PET bottles (max 17 oz).