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NBA 2k10

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Rated E (Everyone)
NBA 2K10
5.0(w) X 7.5(h) X .5(d)
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NBA 2K10 is committed to providing a realistic NBA experience. Just one aspect of this is NBA Today, in which all the real world matchups, news and stats are automatically streamed right into your game providing dynamic commentary and presentation elements based upon what is happening in the real NBA.

My Player Mode

My Player Mode is perhaps the most exciting new feature built into NBA 2K10. Instead of focusing on over all team status, My Player Mode is a career mode, allowing players at home create the ultimate NBA player from the ground, up and guide his every career move. Start as an undrafted rookie in the Summer Leagues, where you specify every aspect of your character's game and physical makeup. Work hard enough throughout the series of games played here, gathering enough experience points along the way to build the skills your player needs at his position and you may get an invite to participate in an NBA team’s training camp. And if you don't make the cut, not to worry there is always the D-League, where you can work more on your game until you get your next shot. Either way, the road to being an NBA star is a long and hard battle full of challenges.


Basketball is a team sport, and NBA 2K10 acknowledges this with its Crew functionality. Round up your friends and build the ultimate squad, using either your created players from My Player mode or an actual NBA team, then go online and battle other Crews for bragging rights and progression points as you try to climb your way to the top of the Crew leaderboard rankings.

Living Rosters

The 2K Insider and his team of NBA analysts continue to keep NBA 2K10 fresh with up-to-date team and player information, including roster and lineup moves, trades, injuries and player ratings. Now track all of the changes through the season with interactive menus and analysis.

Seamless Online Experience

Forget the past, with NBA 2K10 online play is fully incorporated into every mode of the game. Now you can play the AI, challenge the friend sitting next to you or play your buddy across town anytime, from anywhere in the game. The game features 1-4 player support in versus and coop play locally and 2-10 player support in versus and coop play online with up to a full five man roster on each side.

Signature Play

Signature Play pulls together all of NBA 2K’s player Signature Styles and adds in all-new Signature Tendencies and facial expressions, creating NBA 2K10 teams that play and react like their real life counterparts for an unbelievably realistic NBA experience.

New Intuitive Offensive Controls

All-new easy-to-use dribbling and post game controls allow you to pull off ankle breaking ISO-Motion moves and dominate like Kobe from the perimeter to the paint.

Shut Down D

Every NBA star knows that offense is flashy, but defense wins championships. With this in mind NBA 2K10 gives you the opportunity to show your stuff at both ends of the court. Shut down teams like never before with innovative defensive controls that allow you to shadow your opponent’s every move, deny position off-ball, and even select how you want to contest shots.