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XPAND Active Shutter 3D Glasses (1 Pair)

  • Model: 3DG-X103
XPAND Active Shutter 3D Glasses Compatible with IR emitter in 2011 and later Mitsubishi 3D TVs and all Epson 3D Front Projectors. Includes 1 Pair of 3D Glasses.
6.0(w) X 2.0(h) X 4.0(d)
Shipping Weight
1 lb

The leader in 3D cinema glasses now matches up seamlessly with the leader in the biggest 3D home cinema. XpanD has designed 3D glasses to complete the largest 3D home experience with Mitsubishi televisions. 3DG-X103 can be added as desired to expand the home theater for more viewers. Get immersed in the world of 3D entertainment with Mitsubishi.