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Refrigerators: Crisper Drawers

Refrigerators: Crisper Drawers
Most refrigerators today have crisper drawers. Some have one crisper drawer, some have two, but many today have humidity control crispers. Did you know that humidity plays a large role in the food preservation of your products? Think about going to the grocery store. You see all those green, leafy vegetables. What do they have hanging over them? That's right, they have those misters to keep the moisture in the food, because they want their produce to last a lot longer. Then you have your thin-skinned vegetables and fruits. There are no misters there.
In your refrigerator it's important to store your foods properly, and also adjust the humidity controls on your crispers to the proper setting for the foods that you're storing. You may have two crisper drawers like you see here. We can have one set to high humidity, and this is great for those green, leafy vegetables, and another one set to low humidity for those thin-skinned fruits and vegetables. By storing your food properly it will last longer saving you money.
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