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Refrigerators: French Door

Refrigerators: French Door
Now let's discuss French door refrigerators. French door refrigerators, like bottom mount refrigerators, feature the freezer on the bottom. Most French door refrigerators have a drawer that will slide out, a lower rack for your larger, bulkier items, and a smaller, upper rack for your smaller packaged items.
Up top, we have two doors, like the side-by-side, so if you're just looking to get some milk or maybe a cold beer out of the refrigerator, you have it on one side. For those larger items, maybe those big party platters, larger bowls of food, open up both doors, giving you excellent access and easy accessibility to all of your food, fruits and vegetables.
French door refrigerators have become very popular. They give you excellent storage capacity. It's also great if you're limited with depth, being that the doors do not swing out the entire width of the refrigerator. If you have depth requirements, I highly recommend a French door refrigerator.
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