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Refrigerators: Ice and Water Dispensers

Refrigerators: Ice and Water Dispensers
If you drink a lot of water or use a lot of ice, you may want to consider a refrigerator with a built-in ice maker or even one with an ice and water dispenser. When you're looking at a French door refrigerator today, the ice and water dispenser is located in the refrigerator door, where side by side refrigerator, the dispenser is located in the freezer door. Most refrigerator's with dispensers also feature water filtration.
The water filtration is designed to improve the taste of the water, as well as the ice, but also to remove impurities. Some of these dispensers will give you a signal or a warning when the filter needs to be replaced.
If not, the general rule of thumb would be to replace your water filter every 6 months. I also like that some of these dispensers today are taller in height, allowing you to use a tall glass or even a pitcher, making it easier to fill.
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