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Refrigerators: Shelving
When selecting a new refrigerator, you definitely want to pay attention to the shelving type. There are many different types of shelves when it comes to refrigeration today. The most basic is a wire shelf. Wire shelves usually span from the left to the right hand side of the refrigerator, and they give you a few different positions for these shelves. The problem with wire shelves is if you have a spill. It goes from the top of the refrigerator to the bottom. You know what it's like cleaning a spill up inside any refrigerator today. It's a disaster.
Therefore, I recommend glass shelving. Not all glass shelving is considered the same. Your basic glass shelf, again, will run from the left to right like a wire shelf. It's going to keep those smaller bottles, and smaller items from tipping over. I always recommend spill-proof glass shelves. Spill-proof glass shelves are designed to contain a spill to that one shelf.
There's other options when it comes to shelving. Are you looking for just a single shelf that runs from left to right? Or, for greater flexibility, I recommend a split shelf. It gives you greater flexibility for those taller, or shorter items. You can have one side of the shelf up, while the other side is in its original position, or, switch it around. The more flexibility you have in shelving, the easier it is to store your most commonly used items.
Another option is quick space shelving. This shelving is designed so you can take the front portion of a shelf and drop it down behind the back portion of a shelf. There are also shelves today, that will just flip up out of the way. This is great when you have a tall item that you're looking to store in a hurry, without having to readjust all the shelving inside your refrigerator. For more information on refrigeration, go to pcrichard.com/learningcenter or visit our YouTube channel.

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