The 5 Best Apps for Students to Stay Organized

There’s a common belief that your tablet, phone, or iPod causes distractions and hinders daily productivity, but there are a plethora of apps available to help organize your life. This is particularly useful for students who have difficulty balancing their homework, work, and social schedules. Try some of these apps to help with time management and organization, and you may find that your mobile device is actually an asset to your success.

Things app on phone screen 1. Things iOS

Things is a daily task app that allows you to track your to-do list and categorize projects into sections. Keyboard shortcuts and tags make everything convenient to use and easy to navigate.

If you have an Android device, try Google Keep instead.


2. Evernote iOS Android

Write notes and to-do lists, scan documents into the app, save articles and images, and set reminders! This is one of the most popular organizational apps because of its many features and ease of use.


Awesome Note 2 app screen shot 3. Awesome Note 2 iOs Android

Keep lists and a color-coded calendar, create tasks, and use the journal feature to store your notes for class!


4. SimpleMind iOS Android

This is a helpful mind mapping app, allowing you to arrange your thoughts in beautiful layouts. This is a great way to stay organized and inspire new ideas!


5. Studious iOS Android

Use this app to save your notes, silence your phone in class, remind you about due dates and exams, and even save a map of your campus.

As long as you find an organizational method that works for you, you're going to rock it this semester! 

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