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SodaStream Source Starter Kit - Black
  • 3 Level LED Carbonation Indicator
  • 60L CO2 Carbonator Bottle
  • Snap Lock Bottle Mechanism
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Shop Our Many Varieties of Soda Makers Today!

If you haven't used a soda maker machine, this may be your next obsession. Soda makers create refreshing drinks like flavored sodas, sparkling water, cocktails, and more!

At P.C. Richard & Son, we're proud to offer some of the best soda water maker models on the market. We're an authorized SodaStream retailer and have pages upon pages of sparkling drink mixes available for you to try! From root beer to cherry cola, we have the right refreshing flavor for you.

And to keep you enjoying your carbonated beverages for years to come, we also offer the CO2 cartridge refills used to create your delicious drinks. One bottle of drink mix will make approximately 7 liters of soda! How's that sound for replacing store-bought drinks at a fraction of the price?

Get Your New Soda Maker and Say Goodbye to Store-Bought Soda!

Small and inexpensive, a soda maker is the highlight of any party or entertaining you might do. For a refreshing pick-me-up it's hard to beat the fizziness and flavor of freshly-made soda or sparkling water. If you haven't tried a SodaStream soda maker, there's a SodaStream Source Starter Kit made just for you! It offers everything you'd need to start offering fizzy delicious drinks.

SodaStream soda makers are easy to operate. Simply fill the reusable carbonating bottle with water, snap-lock it into place, and press the top for the desired amount of carbonation. Convenient, refreshing carbonated beverages are now just a press away on your countertop!

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