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Remotely Control Your Outlets with Belkin WEMO
Have you ever left home and wondered; "Did I unplug the iron?" or 'Did I turn off the electric heater?" Well know you won't have to worry any longer. With the Belkin WeMo Family of products you can control everything from your smart phone or from your tablet. As a matter of fact anything that you plug into an outlet you now have control over.

These are very easy to install, if you can plug a lamp into an outlet you can install a Belkin WeMo device. Not only will these products turn your devices on and off. but you can also set them up for a schedule. If you want your appliance to come on at a certain time in the morning, say it's your coffee pot you can program it to do so. And, everyone in your family can have control, or you can also limit that control.

You can also set this up where you can receive notifications. How much does it cost to run that electric heater? The Belkin WeMo insight switch will send you reporting on a regular basis, so you know exactly how much that product is costing you to run.

You have an easy to install WeMo light switch. You can replace your existing light switch with this light switch and have full control. Set up a schedule to turn it on or off at any given time. You have an HD camera. This is not just a video surveillance camera, but this product is designed to interact with the rest of the family of products. For example you come home, it's late at night, as soon as you open the door the camera detects your motion and then it turns the lights on for you. This camera also features a microphone and a speaker so you can have two way communication. The Belkin family of products is very easy to install for any do it yourselfer.
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