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SONOS: Connect and Connect Amp

Connect and Connect Amp
So what if you have a stereo or a home theater system that you absolutely love. But, you'd also love to have the benefits of Sonos. Well, there's a solution for that. The solution is known as the Sonos Connect. The small device will connect to your existing home stereo and provide you with all the benefits of the Sonos family.
On the back they have you covered. No matter what connection you have on the back of your stereo system today, this will connect to it. It gives you options to use either the analog connection, which is the red and white connector. If you have digital optical inputs on the back of your stereo, well, there's a digital optical output. Or, if you're using a coaxial input, a digital coax, there's a digital coaxial output in the back of this Connect. The Sonos Connect will allow you to connect your existing home theater or stereo system to the Sonos family of products.
So, what if you have an existing pair of speakers, maybe they're bookshelf speakers, maybe they're floor standing speakers, possibly outdoor speakers, or ceiling or wall-mounted speakers. How can you use those speakers that you have existing in your home today on the Sonos network? It's real simple, the Sonos Connect Amplifier.
The Sonos Connect Amplifier features 2 Class D digital amplifiers, rated at 55 watts per channel, at a very low total harmonic distortion rate. What does that mean? It means you are going to get crisp, clear, clean sound, from the low volume all the way to high volumes. This device is designed to connect to one pair of wired stereo speakers. With the binding posts on the back, connect your existing wire speakers to the back here, and you are ready to go. The Sonos Connect Amp, a great solution for any wired speaker system.
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