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Grilling vs. BBQ
When it comes to cooking on your new grill, there's a difference between barbecuing and grilling. Barbecuing is low heat and slow cooking, while grilling is high heat for a short period of time.
A few tips:
If you’re cooking an item for over eighteen minutes you want to do this using the indirect method; this is known as barbecuing. With the indirect method, set the first burner to medium, the second to off, and the third to medium. Place food in the center over the burner that's off, then close the cover; creating a convection oven. Closing the cover will keep the temperature at exactly three hundred and fifty degrees.

If you’re cooking anything that takes less than eighteen minutes to cook, like a steak, hamburger or hot dog, use the direct method. With the direct method you turn all the burners on high. When the grill is up to the proper temperature, place food directly on the grates, but remember all grilling should be done with the cover closed for maximum performance.

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