What Makes OLED Better?
Perfect Black
Contrast Ratio is considered the key indicator of picture quality, and only LG OLED TV achieves true black for infinite contrast so images come alive in a way never before possible.
Intense Color
The exclusive 4 Color Pixel delivers a wide gamut of colors that go beyond vibrant to be more like what you see in life.
Wide Viewing Angle
The exceptional picture quality holds up even from wide viewing angles, so don’t be afraid to load up the couch.
Only OLED technology enables a design only 6mm thin and impossibly elegant, as lovely on a tabletop as it is wall-mounted.
Full HD or 4K Models
Enjoy it in Full HD 1080p--so your Blu-rays and more will look better than ever--or next-generation 4K for supreme clarity.
Witness OLED For Yourself
When you see OLED, you’ll understand. Visit a local store and behold what perfect black and intense color really look like.
The Path To Perfect Black
Almost a century of television evolution has led LG to realize the ultimate display. A history of major breakthroughs was necessary to bring us here…
“Tube” TV was the grand-daddy of it all, first in black-and-white, then color, in 1953. Picture quality was seriously limited and the physical design was awkwardly deep.
Using small gas-filled cells, plasma enabled a flat screen and improved black levels. Still relatively bulky though, they run hot, and the black levels are not perfect.
Liquid Crystal Displays used a bright backlight inside a thin form factor, delivering a crisp image. But contrast ratio suffers, particularly when the TV is viewed at an angle.
With an LED backlight, LCD TVs could be even thinner, brighter and more energy efficient, although the inherent limitations of LCD remain.
Today, organic light-emitting diodes create a picture with perfect black for infinite contrast and a wide viewing angle, while maintaining an ultra-slim design.
Perfect Black. Intense Color. Incredible Awe.