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Refrigerator water dispensers promote a healthy lifestyle with convenient, clean drinking water and ice dispensing. The filters found in these dispensers reduce harmful contaminants found in regular tap and make your drinking water taste great.

Your refrigerator water filter should be changed once every six months. Failure to replace the filter in a timely manner will cause regular, unfiltered tap water to run through the dispenser.  If your area has hard tap water, mineral deposits may eventually clog the line and stop the water from running.

In addition to the health benefits of fridge dispensers and filters, you can save money and help the environment. Prevent up to 3,000 plastic bottles from being added to landfills, and save up to $600 from buying the same amount of bottled water every year*.
*Based on average use of two 6-month, 200 gal water filters verses purchasing the same amount of leading brand bottled water.
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