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Air Conditoners: Through the Wall: A/C Installation Types

Through the Wall: A/C Installation Types
For those installing a through-the-wall air conditioner, the first thing you want to determine is how thick your wall is. Measure the distance from the inside of the home to the outside of the home including the studs, sheet rock, and whatever type of material you have on the outside of your home. All these factors come into play in selecting the proper air conditioner.

The air conditioner used in the above video is what called a window/wall slide-out chassis air conditioner, meaning this air conditioner can go into a window or be installed through a wall, as displayed. For a wall installation it's quite simple. First, remove the grill from the air conditioner. This is going to expose the chassis, or guts, of the air conditioner. The guts of the air conditioner simply slide right out of the sleeve, or the metal housing that is installed through the wall.

You will notice the vents on the side of the air conditioner; they’re there so the air conditioner can breathe. These vents cannot be blocked in any way. If you happen to have brick on the outside your home it will start to block the vents, causing the air conditioner to improperly function. If you have a cinder block construction you're blocking even more of those vents. Again, these vents cannot be blocked in any way. Therefore, with this type of construction on the outside of your home, a true through-the-wall air conditioner is recommended.

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