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10 Different Ways to Fold Your Laundry: Video How-Tos

I was doing laundry and folding my clothes last night when I realized that I'm a terrible folder. I don't have a set way I fold my shirts or pants, and my clothes always bunch and get wrinkled after they've been put away. I decided to research some easy and unique ways to fold your clothing, and here they are!

1. Japanese T-Shirt Folding

A Japanese television show covered an amazing way to fold T-shirts that went viral a few years ago. People were so amazed at how easy and clean the folds look! Many videos have been made explaining this style in English, but here was the best one I found:

2. Fold Socks & Increase Drawer Space

While this may take a little longer than simply balling your socks and throwing them in a drawer, this is an impressive way to organize and increase space. This video covers winter, business and athletic sock folding, as well as an impressive intro. Sure, people may have seen the T-shirt folding trick above, but you can break this sock folding trick out at parties and impress all of your friends!

3. Fold Your Towels Spa-Style

Maghan Carter of askthedecorator.com made this impressive video on how to present towels like you'd find in a hotel or spa. She shows three very easy, yet elegant ways to add style to any ordinary bathroom.

4. Fold Your Fitted Sheets Like a Pro

Most people struggle with folding the infamous fitted sheet. Me? I just roll it up into a ball and call it a day. However, I watched this amazing video on folding a fitted sheet with my jaw wide open. Who knew that a fitted sheet could be folded so beautifully?!

5. Fold Jeans & Identify Them

Jeans seem to be an obvious thing to be able to fold, but what if you want to fold them neatly but still be able to identify them by the pocket or brand name?

6. Pack a Shirt & Avoid Wrinkles

This may not be the ideal solution for all of the shirts in your suitcase considering it takes up a substantial amount of room, but if you need a wrinkle-free shirt as soon as you get off a plane or won't have time to iron later, placing plastic in between folds is the trick.

7. Fold a Dress Shirt

As this video explains, it's best to hang a dress shirt in your closet but if you are pressed for space or really need to fold them, here's how you do it.

8. Fold Trousers

This is a pretty self-explanatory video on how to quickly and easily fold trousers in the most efficient way.

9. Fold a Flared Skirt

Clothes with a lot of excess fabric can be challenging to fold neatly, but Melody at Expert Village shows off a great technique.

10. Whoa.

This is by far my favorite way of folding shirts that I found. This guy made a neat little contraption out of cardboard that could save you hundreds of hours over time in folding or ironing shirts. Check this one out! (It also made me want to play Mario.)

And there you have it!

I hope that this post inspired you to try a new way of folding clothing. Do you have any other great folding tips or videos? If so, post them in the comments!

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