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Decorating Ideas That Will Make You Love Your Dorm

Decorated Dorm RoomDorms can be dull, but a few personal touches can transform your room. The semester can get busy between writing essays and taking exams, so you'll want your space to be a relaxing environment where you can unwind. Express your personality and make it your own! Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • A desk lamp can brighten more than just your work space! There's a huge selection of styles and colors that can liven up your dorm. A floor lamp can also help. With everything from modern to rustic, you're bound to find something to fit your aesthetic. 

  • Sleek office furniture can help make your space feel more homey. There are lots of different options for computer desks, work centers, office chairs, and filing cabinets. 

  • Take some pics with your camera and display them. Is your camera your smartphone? Then print some mini photo stickers from an HP Sprocket and make a collage!

  • Add some funky string lights, a tapestry, or band and movie posters to show visitors what you're into.

  • Make your bed extra comfy with proper bedding like a supportive pillow, sheets, and mattress protector. Don't forget decorative pillows to add a pop of color!Stylish Floor Lamp

  • Vibrant curtains can help make the room feel cozier. 

  • Boring floors? Just add a colorful rug! 

  • Use a Bluetooth speaker to listen to your favorite music. One with an LED light will add some extra flair to your dorm. 

  • Incorporating Philips Smart LED lighting will create a fun atmosphere, making your space stand out in style. You can even make the lights reflect your favorite sports team or college colors. 

When it comes to decorating your dorm, be creative and use your imagination. Just be sure to check with your R.A. before making any drastic changes to your room or hanging stuff on your walls! Personalizing your space will make all the difference, and it'll help make spending time there more enjoyable. Shop all dorm room essentials here, and have a great semester!

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