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Making Your Bed Comfortable: A 3-Step Guide

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If you’re seeking to outfit your home for lasting comfort, your bed is the best place to start. While the prospect of saving money may tempt you to purchase lower-quality items, this can be a mistake. Inadequate bedding often leads to poor sleep quality and less sleep in general, which takes a hefty toll on your productivity and quality of life. Take note of the following steps to ensure that your bed is the cozy place of rest that you deserve.

1. Choose your mattress carefully.

While there are several important elements that comprise a great bed, your mattress is the key to restful sleep. There’s a plethora of mattress styles to choose from, and each style offers unique benefits that cater to your individual tastes. Common styles include:

  • Innerspring mattresses, which utilize steel coils to provide support. Spring systems incorporated into these mattresses can vary greatly.

  • Pillow-top mattresses, which feature cozy, pillow-esque top sections for a luxuriously soft feeling.

  • Hybrid mattresses, which usually combine the time-tested support of steel coils with various types of foam or other materials.

  • Memory foam mattresses, which conform to the shape of the body to provide personalized comfort.

Additionally, if you’re serious about purchasing a mattress that meets your standards, buy yours in person, so you have the opportunity to test it out before making a commitment.

2. Use mattress covers and pads.

Now that you’ve settled on the perfect mattress, your next move should involve selecting a mattress cover to protect your investment. Mattress covers provide plenty of worthwhile benefits – they protect your mattress from stains, dust and allergens, help maintain your mattress’s warranty and even provide a bit of extra comfort.

Once you’ve chosen your mattress cover, you may want a mattress pad, too. Memory foam pads are an excellent choice if you select a firm, long-lasting mattress for back support, but would prefer to sleep on something slightly softer.

3. Choose high-quality bedding and pillows.

The perfect bedroom is nothing without its sheets, blankets and pillows, and it’s of the utmost importance to purchase products that will help you sleep soundly. Here’s how to select each element of your bedding:

  • Sheets: Be sure to choose a sheet material that feels right to you. Cotton, linen and microfiber are three popular options, although cotton and linen tend to win out due to their cooler feel. Linen is especially desirable if you live in a warm climate thanks to its moisture-wicking capabilities.

  • Blankets: As with sheets, blankets can be purchased in several materials, including cotton and wool. Cotton is the premier material for year-round use, since it offers warmth in the winter and a cooler feel in the summer. Wool, on the other hand, is great for use in an area where you usually expect lower temperatures.

  • Pillows: Pillow shopping is quite similar to mattress shopping. Pillows offer varying degrees of support, and each style accommodates a different type of sleeper. Thin pillows, for example, are generally the first choice for back and stomach sleepers, while firm pillows typically work best for side sleepers.

Create Your Bed Today

Following these simple tips, you should have no problem assembling a bed that will keep you delightfully comfortable for years to come.

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