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Move-In Day: Five Essential Items For Your First Apartment

Couple surrounded by boxesThis is it – you’re finally moving out on your own for the very first time. It’s sure to be an exciting process, but along with the sweet taste of freedom come the responsibilities of independence, which include outfitting your apartment with furniture, small appliances, décor and much more with your hard-earned money. Here, we’ll guide you through five crucial items that you’ll want to consider before spending frivolously.

1. A Mattress (And Related Bedding Gear)

No apartment is complete without a bed. It’s very likely that you’ll prefer a mattress that not only offers comfort, but will keep you sleeping soundly for years on end, so you don’t have to make the same investment year after year. Therefore, consider beginning your apartment furniture hunt with an affordable, supportive mattress. You'll also want to purchase a bed frame that offers adequate strength, cozy bedding and essential accessories, such as mattress protectors, to round out your bedroom setup.

2. Lounging Furniture

While a comfortable bed goes a long way, you might not want to spend all your time at home sitting in your bedroom. Consider choosing a recliner to relax in as an alternative. Recliners make it easy to catch the big game, read a book or even take a well-earned nap, all in one comfortable location. Plus, if you shop carefully, the piece you select will serve you well for a long while.

3. Lighting

Your apartment should come outfitted with overhead lighting, but you’re probably on your own when it comes to lamps. Begin by purchasing a bedside lamp, so you don’t have to walk all the way across the bedroom just to hit the lights before you fall asleep. Then, you might want a lamp or two for your lounging space. Consider, for example, placing a floor lamp beside your newly acquired recliner for reading and more.

4. A Vacuum (And Other Cleaning Supplies)

One element of independence that’s easy to forget when you’ve just left your nest is cleanliness. Believe it or not, those pesky crumbs on the floor aren’t about to go anywhere on their own. Purchasing the appropriate cleaning supplies can help ensure that you’re prepped to keep your apartment as clean as can be, and a vacuum is a great place to start. You may want to consider a stick vacuum in particular, as they offer greater versatility and easier storage than standard upright options while remaining budget-friendly. If possible, complement the vacuum by purchasing a broom, dustpan, mop and cleaning supplies, too.

5. Cool Air

With summer winding down, the weather can still be stifling, and without the appropriate equipment, your apartment might get more than a little stuffy. Find an A/C window unit that fits your new apartment and needs. They are made to cool down small areas - perfect for an apartment. While they’re nice to have, air conditioners aren’t always offered in apartments. If you’re feeling a little hot and can’t get an A/C unit, choose a fan – or, if possible, a few fans – instead. They won’t immediately reduce the temperature of your living space, but they’ll keep the air flowing consistently, ensuring that you can kick back in comfort.

Get Started Today

Creating the apartment of your dreams might take a lot of work, but the items above should help you get by in the beginning – and whether you’re ready to move or still planning things out, it’s never too early to kick-start your apartment shopping. Seek out home furnishings that are both high in quality and economical today to make any rental feel like a home.


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