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Must-Haves for Apartment Dwellers: Portable Appliances

Do you use portable appliances? When you're renting an apartment, portable appliances can be your best friend. They don't take up much space, use few resources, can be moved from room to room, and are easy to store. Plus, they more than pay for themselves in time you can save by using them!

Here is a list of portable appliances available at P.C. Richard:

Portable Air Conditioners
Portable A/Cs are convenient because they can be transferred from one room to another and do not require any permanent installation. A venting outlet is required to let the exhaust hose out of the room to let out hot air, but most portable ACs come with a window venting kit that is easy to set up and transfer around. These A/Cs are usually vented through a window, wall or drop ceiling. You can shop for portable air conditioners on our site to see what is currently available.

Portable Washing Machines
A big issue with apartment renters is the usual lack of a washer and dryer in their unit/complex, and who wants to spend hours in a laundromat? A portable washing machine can finally save you from wearing the last torn t-shirt you managed to find to postpone going to clean your clothes. These washers are quiet, don't take up a lot of space, and use very little water. They're easy to set up and take down, too! Just plug them into the wall, hook it up to the sink, and you're good to go. We have a few portable washers available on our website, and they all have excellent reviews!

Portable Dryers
Portable clothes dryers work exactly like their larger counterparts. Most have multiple cycle and heat choices and require 115 to 240 volts depending on the model. Setup is similar to a portable air conditioner in that they need a vent and usually come with a vent plate to mount on your window. We have a few portable dryers available that list the voltage requirements and what cycles they include.

Portable Dishwashers
For many, not having a dishwasher means piles of dirty dishes in the sink that you wash as you need them. Like a portable washing machine, portable dishwashers hook right up to your sink with a garden hose-like connection. It's a lot easier to load up a small appliance with dishes than it is to wash them all by hand! Our portable dishwasher page is located here.

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