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Pain Be Gone: 4 Methods For Dealing With Morning Aches

Man holding his back in pain While a good night’s sleep can have powerful effects like helping to refresh and energize your mind and offering soothing relief for your body, many people still experience pain and stiffness when morning arrives. This can cause numerous problems, from reducing your ability to engage in physical activities to simply diminishing your level of productivity. But, as with many types of pain, these exasperating morning aches can be dealt with by taking the appropriate steps. Here, we’ll guide you through a few methods of making sure each night is as restorative as possible.

1. Exercise regularly.

It might seem difficult or even impossible on some days to incorporate an evening jog or another sort of workout into your busy schedule. But, counterintuitive as it might seem, a lack of adequate exercise is one of the most common reasons why you might be dealing with morning stiffness. If your muscles aren’t regularly worked, you’re considerably more prone to muscle tension than you would be otherwise. Remedy this by attempting to work exercise into your daily routine at least five days per week. If your schedule makes it hard to get to the gym, consider creating an in-home fitness center with a treadmill or exercise bike.

2. Keep warm.

If you regularly experience soreness and joint pain, you might already be aware that colder weather makes for stiff joints in the morning. This issue is easy to take care of by simply ensuring that you dress for the season. Check the weather forecast each morning, and don’t be afraid to pile on the layers if need be. Additionally, once you’re ready to crawl into bed, apply blankets liberally – the more warmth that's available, the better you’ll feel in the morning. Before you go to sleep, you may also want to take a hot bath or shower to help soothe sore muscles.

Woman holding neck in pain 3. Revamp your diet.

The food you eat plays an integral role in how you feel each day, so it’s crucial that you consume only what benefits your body if you wish to eliminate pain and improve health. Foods that should be cut include refined grains that are rich in carbohydrates, such as pasta and white bread, as well as foods with added sugar. Then, address your soreness by increasing your intake of foods with anti-inflammatory characteristics – cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, etc.), green tea, and cold-water fish are all excellent selections.

4. Buy a new mattress.

A mattress is an investment in your well-being, yet many of us hesitate to replace one that no longer provides the support we need. But when it comes down to it, the investment will probably boost your nightly comfort level significantly and ultimately help reduce the amount of pain you feel in the morning. Shop for a mattress that strikes the perfect balance between softness and firmness. Especially soft mattresses can lead to poor sleeping posture, while too-firm mattresses might aggravate pressure points. Consider finishing off your new mattress with a topper or mattress pad, which will offer a soft touch to keep you cozy while you doze.

Awaken Refreshed

Although each individual case is unique, these four steps offer a good start on the path to refreshing, pain-free sleep. Make a commitment to better sleep and better health by selecting a mattress that suits your every need.


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