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Box Spring vs. Motion Mattress Foundations

Once you've chosen your mattress, it's so important to get the matching foundation. Foundations can be broken down to two separate categories, you have box springs, and there's also motion bases. Let's first discuss box springs. Box springs are available in two different profiles. You have a standard high box spring which is nine inches in height, there's also a low profile box spring, this is only five inches in height. I recommend that you take the overall measurement of the box spring, and the mattress, to see exactly how high it would sit on your existing bed frame.

For those of you that are looking to buy a queen-size mattress, you must always be aware that queen-size box springs are difficult to get into most homes. If you're going up the stairs, or down a set of stairs, or down a hallway making a tight turn into a bedroom, a one piece box spring may not make it into your home. Therefore, all queen box springs are also available as a split box spring, so you're getting two pieces making it much easier to fit in doorways, entryways, hallways and stairways. 

Then there are for motion bases. These can be broken down into two separate categories, first is the up base. An up base features a wide remote control that will allow you to elevate your head, up, or down. Second, there's a full motion base. Not only will this elevate your head, but it will also elevate your legs, taking all of the pressure off your lower back, and your hip joints. This full motion base features a wireless remote control and some you can even control from an app. 


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