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Mattresses: Why You May or May Not Need a Bed Frame

You wouldn't build a house on a sand foundation, would you? Of course not. Why put your mattress and box spring on an old frame that may not be providing the proper support? Old mattresses require a central support with a leg that goes down to the floor, so that your mattress does not start sagging in the middle.

For the basic entry level frame, it's a one and half by one and a half inch angled steel that has a center support and features two center legs. This frame is adjustable from a twin size mattress all the way up to a queen size mattress. As you move up in the series you then go to a two inch steel frame with a double angle iron center support and three center support legs. This frame goes from a twin size mattress all the way up to a king size mattress. If you're looking for the ultimate in mattress support then I recommend the Embrace. The Embrace is available in a variety of colors. It is a double angle line construction throughout and it's also incased in fiberglass resin. You get a nice look and a soft touch. When it comes to assembly it's the easiest to assemble. The cross braces simply just drop into place making it easy to move from room to room or from home to home.

Now some of you don't need a frame, you currently have the headboard, a foot board, but wooden side rails. If this is the case then you also have wooden slats that run across from one side rail to the other. The wooden slats with a one wooden leg is the weakest part of your entire bed. The center leg may have broken off the first time you moved the bed. 

We have a solution for that as well. It's known as a bed beam, the bed beam is designed to remove all of those wooden slats and that center wooden support if you still have it in place. It is a double angle iron steel that gets screwed into your two side rails. Three of them are included in the kit and each has an adjustable leg to support your mattress in the center. It is the ultimate in support mechanisms for those of you who have the headboard and foot board combination.


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