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Ranges: What To Consider When Purchasing

There are a few things you should keep in mind when selecting a new range.

First, what size range do you really need? It's the width of the range that will determine the size that's best for you. Ranges are available in twenty inches wide, twenty four inches wide, thirty inches wide; which by the way is the most common size; and thirty six inches wide. High end ranges can also be found in forty eight inches and even sixty inches wide.

Next is the fuel type. Will you be connecting your range to gas or electric? Most gas ranges today are designed for natural gas. Most of these can also be converted to work with LP gas. Today's ranges are also available in dual fuel. Dual fuel utilizes both gas and electric. The benefit of a dual fuel range is that you have the great control of a gas cooking surface on the top and an electric oven that provides consistent temperature control. Next is the color. Most ranges today are available in white. However, some brands may offer additional colors like black, bisque, grey, and of course the most popular, stainless steel. Ranges are available with several door types. Basic ovens will have a solid door, usually the same color as the rest of the range. Having a window allows you to check the status of food as it's cooking without having to open the door and letting all the heat out. The larger the window, the easier it is to keep track of how your food is progressing.

Let's take a look at different installation types. The most common would be free standing; available in both gas and electric. This range typically sits between two counter surfaces but can also stand on its own as both sides are finished. Free standing ranges also have a back splash where you most often find the range controls and the clock. Next is the slide in range. A slide in range allows you to have a seamless look of your back splash without looking at the back guard of a range. Slide in ranges feature the burner and oven controls up front so you never have to reach over a hot surface to adjust the burner. Keep in mind, the sides are usually unfinished therefore they must be placed between two cabinets. Drop in ranges, like slide in ranges, have a lip that over hangs the counter top. They do however require customized cabinetry as they are dropped into their prepared space with a cabinet toe kick panel at the bottom. This offers a very nice customized look to your kitchen. As the toe kick runs continuously across the farther range and not interrupted by the appliance. These are just the basic areas that must be addressed when selecting your new range.

They offer many convenient features that will help you cook like a pro.  

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