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Refrigerators: Buying Guide

When selecting a new refrigerator, there are three things you must consider. First off is the overall dimensions. The refrigerator itself must fit into the final installation location. Measure the height, the width and the depth of the location where you're going to be placing this refrigerator. Also take into consideration that it must get into that final installation location. Will it fit through your front door, down the hallway, around the turns so that delivery men can get it into your home?

Refrigerators are always measured in capacity which is cubic footage. They are available as small as two cubic feet all the way up to 34 cubic feet. Determine how much food you normally store in your refrigerator. The cubic footage is directly applicable to the size of the refrigerator that you're looking at.

Also the configuration is something you must take into consideration. Refrigerators today are available in a single door. There's also two door models available. This is where you have your freezer on the top and your fresh food compartment down below. You can also find bottom mount refrigerators where the freezer is down below and the fresh food compartment is on the top. We're all familiar with side by sides. This is when you have the freezer door on the left side and the refrigerator on the right. Today, the most popular is the French door refrigerator. French door refrigerators have two doors on top that open like a side by side with your freezer compartment drawers down below. Once you have determined the configuration and the dimensions that best fit to your home, the next thing to consider is all the available options that are out there today on refrigerators. For example, shelving. Shelving is available from the wire shelf and then to glass shelves.

All glass shelves are not the same. You have some glass shelves that are adjustable, some that are spill-proof and some that even flip up out of the way to give you more room for those taller items. Another thing to consider is do you want an ice maker. If so, you can get a basic ice maker that's inside your freezer compartment. Most common today is the ice and water dispenser that will dispense the ice and water right through the door. You also want to look at different colors that are available. White, black, bisque which is kind of like an off white, as well as the most popular stainless steel.

Another thing to consider is the crisper drawers. Crisper drawers are vital to food preservation. A basic crisper drawer is simply a drawer but a humidity controlled crisper drawer will allow you to adjust the amount of humidity so that your foods stay fresher, longer. When it comes to lighting, you can go anywhere from an incandescent bulb all the way up to multi tiered LED ramp up lighting that will ramp up the moment you start opening the door. Of course we all want an energy efficient refrigerator so take a look at the energy guide. This will determine how much electricity the refrigerator will consume over a one year period. 

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