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Washers: Laundry Centers

Laundry centers combine a washer and a dryer in one stacked unit. Compared with high-end washer and dryers, laundry centers have fewer whistles and bells. The washer will have fewer wash cycles and options, but often simpler controls. In the dryer, you'll find the basic settings.


Most laundry centers require standard venting and a 240 volt electrical supply, the same as a standard washer and dryer. It's also possible to get a laundry center that runs on gas for the dryer. You'll find that gas and electric dryer performance is similar, but a gas dryer should save you money and fuel costs over the long run.


A combo washer dryer can be used virtually anywhere, there's no need for a designated laundry area. You can use the unit by a bathroom or a kitchen sink and with a portability kit, roll it away and store it when not in use. All that's needed to install a combo are a 110 volt plug and access to a cold water faucet or sink to use as the water source and drain. Since no laundry hookup or venting is required, the ease of installation makes combo washers ideal, not only for tight spaces, but homes and apartments that lack traditional connections.



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