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What Does the Sonos App Look Like?

The Sonos app allows you to take total control of your home listening experience. From the app you can actually play your music, control your music and explore your music your way. Let's take a look at the main menu now. From the main menu you can browse your music services, your favorites, Internet radio, your personal music library, as well as playlists. You can also find settings here, and this is where you can easily add new Sonos components to your home listening system. Sonos Favorites will allow you to get quick and easy access to the music you love the most right from the Sonos app. With Sonos playlists you can save music queues for future listening. The music library allows you to play music housed on up to 16 PCs, Macs or other storage devices that are within your home network. With mobile music, you can wirelessly play music, stow it on your IOS or Android device. With the Internet radio, the Sonos app comes preloaded with Tune-In Radio to deliver over 100,000 free radio stations, shows and podcasts from around the globe. And with the alarm mode, you can schedule your system to play any of your music sources at any specific time. Wake up to your favorite music, as opposed to waking up to a buzzer.

Here are a few neat things that you can do with your Sonos system. You can actually play different songs in multiple rooms at the same time. If I would like to listen to my favorite music in the office and my wife would like to listen to her favorite in the living room, it can be done with Sonos. Or you can group all of the rooms together, playing the same music throughout the home.

You can set up alarms to turn your system on and off throughout the day if you'd like, or simply use it as an alarm clock. When you have a play bar connected to the system, you can now group that sound with other speakers throughout the home to stay to connected to the game, the latest news, or your favorite concert. With Sonos, the sound playing from the play bar can be played throughout the entire home.

You can also share the experience with friends. Let's say you're having a party. Simply show your guests how to select songs from your music library, and then add their selection to the queue. Everyone gets to hear their favorite songs, and you get to enjoy your party without playing DJ. All Sonos speakers have an LED status indicator light that can be turned off right from within the app. Press the play/pause button to start and stop the music at any time. If you have several speakers grouped together, just press the play/pause button on any of them and they will all respond to your command.
With the Sonos app, you're always in control. 

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