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AT&T 1-Handset Landline Telephone with Large Display

  • Model: CL4940
  • 1 Line
  • Built-in Answering Machine
  • Speaker Phone
  • Last Number Redial
  • 25 Number Memory
Number of Lines
1 Line
Additional Features
Built-in Answering Machine
Speaker Phone
Speaker Phone
Last Number Redial
Last Number Redial
Memory Dialing
25 Number Memory
Lighted Keypad
Other Features
The telephone also features a 25 name and number phonebook directory, and a 10-number speed dial, allowing you to quickly place calls using only a few buttons. Stay organized with the time/date stamp on the digital answering system, which announces the time and day each message was recorded before playback. Up to 25 minutes of recording time allows you to save or receive messages without worry they'll be cut off.
Shipping Weight
3 lbs
Warranty Terms - Parts
12 Months
Warranty Terms - Labor
12 Months


The CL4940 is an easy way to stay in touch. The large, backlit display and big buttons make dialing a cinch and you can forget saying, “could you repeat that?” with the boost from Audio Assist®. The built-in digital answering system records up to 14 minutes of messages, announcements and memos so you can stay connected, even when you’re not home. Plus, the one-touch speakerphone lets you instantly add more people to the conversation.




  • Simple, Corded Operation

    Reliable, corded operation eliminates the search for a misplaced cordless handset, while sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance. Clean design makes it an easy fit on any counter or wall.
  • Digital Answering System

    Digitally record up to 25 minutes of incoming messages, outgoing announcements and memos. Also allows for instant playback, selective save or delete, and skipping or repeating messages from the handset and base.
  • Caller ID/Call Waiting

    Allows you to view the name, number, time and date of incoming calls at a glance, even those on Call Waiting.
  • Speakerphone

    Allows you to speak and listen without holding the handset. This leaves your hands free to do other things and lets more people in on the conversation.
  • Audio Assist®

    Temporarily increases overall volume and enhances sound frequencies that make speech easier to understand.
  • Extra-Large Tilt Display for Easy Viewing

    Extra-large, easy-to-read LCD on the base tilts for best viewing angle. This feature provides a clear view of the incoming Caller ID or call history.

Additional Features

  • Equalizer for Customized Audio
  • Extra-Large Buttons 
  • Visual Ringing Indicator 
  • Extra Loud Ringer 
  • Message Guard® Memory for Power Failure 
  • Call Screen/Intercept 
  • Time and Date Stamp 
  • Remote Access with Toll Saver 
  • Voice Prompts 
  • Memo Recording 
  • Audible Message Alert 
  • Variable Speed Playback 
  • Auto Reset of Answering System Clock
  • Message Counter 
  • 10-Number Speed Dial 
  • 25 Name and Number Phonebook Directory 
  • 50 Name and Number Caller ID History
  • Display Dial
  • Mute 
  • Last Number Redial 
  • Flash 
  • Receiver Volume Control 
  • Ringer Volume Control 
  • Table- and Wall-Mountable 
  • Hearing Aid Compatible 
  • English/Spanish/French Setup Menu 

Interactive Tour

{"tourViews":[{"hotspots":[{"hotspotY":0.8357142857142857,"captionFromAttr":"Simple, Corded Operation","direction":"left","hotspotX":0.07857142857142857},{"hotspotY":0.25357142857142856,"captionFromAttr":"Caller ID/Call Waiting","direction":"left","hotspotX":0.5571428571428572},{"hotspotY":0.275,"captionFromAttr":"Extra-Large Tilt Display for Easy Viewing","direction":"right","hotspotX":0.8357142857142857},{"hotspotY":0.45357142857142857,"captionFromAttr":"Digital Answering System","direction":"right","hotspotX":0.775},{"hotspotY":0.7357142857142858,"captionFromAttr":"Speakerphone","direction":"right","hotspotX":0.8535714285714285}],"viewImage":{"sources":[{"width":500,"height":500,"src":"/_cp/products/1345588630234/tab-1accd737-2210-4ff5-a305-d27482b04dd6/f5337c03-a3ed-4cdd-aec8-ffd4d680bdcb.png.w960.jpg","profile":"W960"},{"width":480,"height":480,"src":"/_cp/products/1345588630234/tab-1accd737-2210-4ff5-a305-d27482b04dd6/f5337c03-a3ed-4cdd-aec8-ffd4d680bdcb.png.w480.jpg","profile":"W480"},{"width":240,"height":240,"src":"/_cp/products/1345588630234/tab-1accd737-2210-4ff5-a305-d27482b04dd6/f5337c03-a3ed-4cdd-aec8-ffd4d680bdcb.png.w240.jpg","profile":"W240"}],"runtimeSrc":{"width":500,"height":500,"src":"/_cp/products/1345588630234/tab-1accd737-2210-4ff5-a305-d27482b04dd6/f5337c03-a3ed-4cdd-aec8-ffd4d680bdcb.png.web.v1.jpg"},"src":{"width":500,"height":500,"src":"/_cp/products/1345588630234/tab-1accd737-2210-4ff5-a305-d27482b04dd6/f5337c03-a3ed-4cdd-aec8-ffd4d680bdcb.png"}}}]}
  1. Simple, Corded Operation
  2. Caller ID/Call Waiting
  3. Extra-Large Tilt Display for Easy Viewing
  4. Digital Answering System
  5. Speakerphone

Simple, Corded Operation

Caller ID/Call Waiting

Extra-Large Tilt Display for Easy Viewing

Digital Answering System


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