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Barnes & Noble Lewes Quote Cover for 2nd Edition NOOK - Indigo

  • Model: 5010993920
"LEWES QUOTE IN INDIGO" Protect your 2nd Edition NOOK with this synthetic leather cover that features 1 slip pocket and 2 business card pockets for organization and a bar-clip mechanism for security. Italian synthetic leather exterior With a charcoal-sueded lining for style and durability. Bar-clip mechanism Holds your NOOK safely in place. Fits the 2nd Edition NOOK To protect your device from dirt and damage.
5.0(w) X 7.0(h) X 1.0(d)
Shipping Weight
1 lb
Warranty Terms - Parts
12 Months
Warranty Terms - Labor
12 Months

Wrapped in Italian synthetic leather with a luxuriously soft finish, this finely crafted cover has the look and feel of a rare volume in a connoisseur's library. Emphasizing its literary inspiration, the cover features an embossed quote from the British literary critic George Henry Lewes: "Personal experience is the basis of all real literature." Inside the front cover, you'll find a generous vertical pocket, plus a pair of small business card pockets. The rest of the interior is lined in a charcoal sueded material that's both durable and gentle on your NOOK. An engineered bar clip mechanism holds your device securely while allowing easy access to the charging port and control buttons. An embossed "n" logo on the back of the cover adds a final accent. Our covers have a power button activator built into the construction, so you can activate your device without removing the cover. To power your device on or off, simply push the "n" logo on the back of the cover.