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BBQ Maintenance
When purchasing a new barbecue grill, you should always consider the maintenance that’s involved. How will you be cleaning the grill? Many people feel you have to clean the grill immediately after cooking, but that’s not the case. The following day when you go to use your grill again, turn the burners on high and preheat the grates. Any debris left on the grates from yesterday’s cooking will burn right off! You will see smoke billowing out of the back of the grill. Once that smoke dissipates, that means everything has turned to ash. Open the cover and use a good grill brush to dust off the ash.

Now your grill is cleaned, preheated, and ready to cook your next meal. After multiple barbecues it’s important to clean out any food residue that has fallen off the grates and down below the burners. This area tends to accumulate a lot of residue over time and needs to be cleaned out. Most barbecues require that you dig down below the grates to pull out the residue. Weber barbecues make it much easier. They provide a drip pan that collects the residue and easily slides out for cleaning. Just slide out the pan, clean, replace, and you’re ready to start grilling again!

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