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Connected Home:   Kevo

How many times have you come home with your arms full of packages and now you need to unlock the front door, well Kevo from Kwikset makes it real simple. All you need to do is download the app to your smartphone, install the Kwikset Kevo lock and it is as simple as touching the outer rim, simply touch it and it will unlock. As long as you have your smartphone close to the lock it will lock and unlock with just a touch of the button.

With the built in proximity sensor it knows if you are on the inside or outside of your home. As you come home, if your phone is in your pocket, in your hand, or in your purse, all you do again is touch the outside of the lock and your home is now unlocked.

But what if you don't have a smartphone? Well no problem this lock will also work with the included key Fob. This key Fob also transmits a signal directly to the lock. As long as you have a key Fob on you all you need to do is touch the outside of the lock and it will now lock your home. Your existing Kwikset key or the keys included will also unlock this lock.

You get notifications with this lock as well, you can actually receive emails that will tell you when the door was opened and when it was closed. Wouldn't it be nice to have an alert when the kids got home safely from school? You can also send an ekey to a friend or family member to provide them access to your home. What is great about this is you control the times they can enter the home and when they can not enter the home. The ekey, the key Fob, or the regular key can all access this Kevo lock.

It is available in 3 different finishes; it's available in bronze, a brush nickel, and a brass finish.
For more information, go to pcrichard.com/learningcenter or visit our YouTube channel.

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