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You ever notice when you listen to TV today the sound is really poor? Flat screen TVs, they're using speakers the size of quarters, some even the size of dimes. Well, with Sonos, we have a great solution. It's called the Playbar. The Sonos Playbar is a sound bar for music lovers. It delivers full, epic home theater sound to your TV, to movies, to music, as well as your video games. It's designed to lie down in front of your television set or can be mounted directly under your TV that's mounted to the wall. The Sonos Playbar has 9 built in speakers, with 9 digital amplifiers, all in a nice clean sleek design, providing you easy installation with world class sound.M
If you have your Playbar grouped with other players in your home, listening to music, and now you decide you want to watch TV in that room, well it's simple. Turn the TV on. The Playbar knows that you want to listen to the TV and automatically switches off the music just in that room and plays the TV sound making it real simple. For more information on Sonos products, go to pcrichard.com/learningcenter or visit our YouTube channel.

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