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Laundry: Everything You Need to Know About Front Load Washers

Everything You Need to Know About Front Load Washers
Front load washers are the most energy efficient washers available today. They use less water and energy than a standard top load washer. They do however, come at a higher cost. Front load washers are gentle on clothes, as they don't use an agitator to move clothes. Instead, the clothes are tumbled in different directions, moving the water through and over the clothes to perform the washing function. This results in less wear and tear on the clothing so that your clothes look new longer. The large capacity of a front load washer allows you to fit more which means, fewer wash loads. If floor space is limited, then front load is the way to go as you can stack the matching dryer on top of the washer taking up only half the space, then if they were side to side. Another great option for front load washers is the pedestal. Pedestals can be placed under the washer and dryer lifting it up for easier access. Most pedestals also provide a storage solution for your frequently used laundry supplies.
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