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Laundry: What is a Portable Washer?

What is a Portable Washer?
Portable washing machines are ideal appliances if you're living in an apartment or a small house and a full size washer is not an option. These units are designed to move from a storage area, such as a closet, to a kitchen or bathroom where you can hook one up to a faucet and start washing clothes. However, portable washing machines are small in capacity. Therefore, they should be used only when you don't have space for a full sized machine.
A few things to consider when you look for a portable wash machine is its design and of course its portability. You don't want to lug an awkward heavy machine around the house every time you need to do a load of laundry do you? Of course not. Look for a unit that's light weight, but also includes casters that allows you to move it from room to room and cabinet handles that make it easy to carry. Every portable washing machine comes with a faucet adapter, which allows you to connect it to a kitchen or bathroom sink. This item is important. Especially if your apartment or home doesn't have a washer hook up. I also suggest that you check your faucets, to see if they have the threading which allows you to use the included faucet adapter.
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